Poliarinės ekspedicijos

2011-02-22 | The greatest achievement of the Lithuanian extreme - Spitsbergen 2010 survey - "What is the most impressive of Lithuanian extreme achievements in 2010?" - Winners are the polar Expedition Spitsbergen 2010.


2011-01-07 | Expedition video film

Can be found in photo gallery:


2010-12-16 | Spitsbergen expedition video film presentation

December 16th, in VU travellers club (Saulėtekio al. 31, Kamčiatka, Vilnius)
We will show video film about our expedition. Starts at: 20:20


2010-10-15 | TV show "Teritorija" about Spitsbergen expedition

In new webpage of TV show "Teritorija" you can watch report about our Spitsbergen expedition.


2010-07-14 | Updated "Media" section


2010-05-03 | Watch our pictures

You can now find our pictures from the expedition Spitsbergen 2010 in the section "Photos".


2010-04-30 | New section

A new section "Media" is addet to our web page, where you can find the publications about our expedition.


2010-04-21 | We are back home

We are all successfully back home. In 22 days we crossed glaciers, mountains, and frozen fiords, more than 400 km in all. All the plans have been reached, we also climbed mounts Galileotoppen and Newtontoppen successfully. The new power kites and sledges have let us to save much power. We have got to know nicely cold island of Spitsbergen.


2010-04-18 | News from expedition in short messages


2010-03-17 | Governors permission to rent the rifle

Finally we have a permission to rent a rifle for protection against the polar bears on Svalbard. Nerijus from now on is our bodyguard.


2010-03-03 | Power kites have arrived

Jolly day. After a long waiting a parcel with Ozone Frenzy 2010/11 power kites has arrived. We are happy, waiting for the wind. Justas


2010-02-28 | Sledges and preparation

Finally we have received desirable sledges (Erapro Paris company expedition sled 960). We had to purchase them for double price from Norway as they were out of stock in USA and Germany. Anyway it is good that we have got them.


2010-02-23 | Kurs is writing

We have returned from Georgia. We did not succeed to climb Kazbek. We couldn't do that because of the very strond winds and bad visibility.


2010-02-11 | Kuras is going to Georgia this Friday

There is a plan to climb mount Kazbek and to ride down with the skies. It is going to be great opportunity to test all the equipment before Spitsbergen expedition.


2010-02-09 | New photos added from East Sajan


2010-02-07 | Our expedition webpage is online

Missing information will be added in next few days


2010-01-25 | Weekend in the forest was spent without a tent

My old down sleeping bag and „vapor barrier“ liner that does not allow to moisten sleeping bag was tested. Results are satisfactory: it was not cold to sleep in -25 degree temperature, it was not sweaty, sleeping bag moistures only near face area and it was totally dry under back and by the legs.


2010-01-19 | Camp on sea gulf ice...

... unsuccessful attempt to catch smelts, prize in competition, runaway wind from Kuras, training with sledges – this is how we could describe last weekend.


2010-01-18 | Prize place in Lithuanian snowkite championship!

Justas Gadeikis has made successful debut in kite marathon with the distance 30 km and took third place.


2010-01-15 | THE FIRST BLOOD

I have wollowed in wet snow/ice mixture and cut my brow while kiteboarding. Need to practise more. (Kuras)