News from expedition in short messages


2010.03.28: Travellers left the civilization. They went away from the city about 90 km by snowbikes. The expedition started. 1940-year rifle is in our hands - let them wish to meat only friendly polar bears.


2010.03.29: It is very cold here. We crossed Bile fiord using kites. Saw footprints of a polar bear in the morning not far from our camp.


2010.03.30: We are not afraid of polar bear footprints, unless they are fresh. Tomas broke his knife's blade while trying to cut his frozen bread. Evening, -22C, listening to Ciurlionis.


2010.03.31: Today is warm: -10C. Kited a river upwards. Stiff shafts of our sledges started to broke. Kuras flied a little and ripped apart his sledge bag, strewed his stuff on the slope and teared up his ski binding.


2010.04.02: Passed 20 km along Dikson fiord and valley. Yesterday we have got -28C. Today is worm, -22C. We are sleeping in crystal ice arcs ambience.


2010.04.03: The tube of our riffle is blocked by snow. -4C.


2010.04.04: We stay overnight in the northernmost tip of our expedition: 79 degrees 10 minutes. In the morning we removed the snow from our gun and shot the waste sack - we were training. Kited along Vestfjord valley and gulf 15 km.


2010.04.06: Yesterday we kited 20 km in the fiord straight up-wind. We saw a head of a seal in an ice-hole, and bowel of a seal next to another ice-hole. Today moved 12 km and rose 900 m.


2010.04.08: We traversed two peaks for the aclimatization before Newtontoppen . And now we are in a snow storm. We are listening to Ciurlionis, dreaming about pancakes.


2010.04.09: We kited till Newtontoppen peak - that is the highest mountain in Svalbard. We have climbed up and kited back to camp. We begin our way back tomorrow - after 9 days we shall be.


2010.04.11: Second day we are picking mushrooms in a snow storm. Now we are staying overnight in the place with the highest Feng-Shui level. We eat semolina with carrots. We do not want to go home, we want sweets.


2010.04.12: We finally got sunshine. We have crossed Lomonosov glacier. In general everything is ok, only it is very cold and Kuras' ski broke in half.


2010.04.14: We saw many seals on a fiord, and a helicopter of lifeguard. They were looking not for us. We sleep near scooter highway. This sucks and stinks.


2010.04.16: The last overnight in the mountains. It is 22nd. We saw open sea and met walrus' hunters. If we will not depart because of the volcano, we would gladly stay here for a week.